Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another day of motherhood

  You know when you have those weeks that nothing seems to go right or at least those couple days?Well that was my week this week.Of course we all have them and I honestly have had way worse happen in my life, but I think we are all allowed to have the woe me days. I think as a mother we have them often, but I try as hard as I can to not have them consume me. It also helps when you have nice people around you to help you. Huge Plus!

  My week started off with my husband waking me up Monday morning at 5:45am saying his car wouldn't start. Unless you have a newborn baby or are heading to work nobody should be up at this time. :)  I normally would of just said take the van we just wont go anywhere today which typically happens anyways. However that day Shane my son was getting evaluated by the school district to see if he could qualify for their Preschool. With his speech delay this would be of great importance and there is limited time since his 3 year old birthday is coming up. I also that night had a coupon class at 7pm in ogden which with my husbands work schedule the way it is and his commute he wouldn't be able to get home in time for me to use the car for that either. So I grumbled got out of bed and tried to see what was wrong with his car. It was turning on and lights were coming on but not starting officially. We tried jumping the battery, so on and so forth. Every option we tried. Also this was a VERY COLD MORNING I believe it  was around 12 degrees! BRRR that woke me up! The other option was I could take him to the train station, but that meant waking my beautifully sleeping children. Who would be very cranky if I did. Well we waited till more of a proper hour for my boys to wake up and took my husband to train station to head to work. 

  The rest of the day the boys were cranky. Shane did ok for his preschool testing but toward the end was not handling it well. Jeremy on the other hand threw a fit during a ton of the testing. We got home and my coupon class cancelled on me for a family emergency so once again i felt frustrated. Like I said though I have had way worse!

My week continued with the next day my 19 m old son   hitting his head on my open van door and needing to go get stitches....

  My son fought and fought during the whole stitches process. He even fought me putting the towel on his eyebrow to stop the bleeding.... He is tough though and we all made it through.... They were both rewarded with a token for the ball machine and they both came home with a bouncy ball.  We got home around 3 or so from doctor and I ordered pizza! I was exhausted! After I ordered pizza my sweet friend offered to bring me dinner after seeing on facebook how my day was. I told her that was very sweet and that I had just ordered pizza.  The thought alone helped make my day better though! Its amazing what simple acts of kindness can do! 

  So far the rest of my week had been normal and I hate to be so negative about being a mom because its a wonderful thing and the hugs, and snot kisses they give you make it all worth it! I know with two boys this wont be my last trip to the doctor for stitches but I can hope right? I also continue to amaze myself what I can handle by myself with two boys under 3, just 15 m apart.  This was definitely one for the books for sure! Oh and by the way my husbands battery was the issue to his car so that was very nice! Just the price of the battery was it and the time to take it out and in! The auto zone guy said that the battery was only about 50% charged and when he did the slow charging process it remained the same. So it was a bad battery and we got a discount on our new one because the old one ran out before its time!: )  I hope your week was better than mine and that you can find the positive in these hard things that happen in life like I TRY to do. Till next week and hope you have a  Happy Thanksgiving!


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