Monday, November 17, 2014

Sleep study/ speech update

Hello All,

It feel like it's been a while since I have seen you all or sent an update to my side. So here it is, This might get long and I apologize!

First I'll start with Shane, as most of you know he had a sleep study and the results of that showed that he has sleep apnea or breathing blockage at night so he is not getting the full breaths of air he should while sleeping. So we are going to be getting his tonsils/adenoids  out January 9th 2015, during this procedure the Ent will also inject a "anti wrinkle" type solution into his paralyzed vocal chord (only lasts 3 months) to help the vocal chord close  and open together with the other. This will hopefully prevent the non stop coughing after Shane drinks fluids. So this will be like a 3 m test to see if that helps. This will be an overnight stay at primary's he will be admitted for this so I'm  hoping it's just the one night.  As far as Shane's speech goes. In August he was testing at the comprehension of his age and verbally a 22 m old. He can put two words together now we are working at three words. When he turns three he will be "kicked" out of Early intervention program and won't have his group and speech sessions anymore. Shane was evaluated today for a preschool sponsored by school district, but he passed on "normal" range for his age so  he doesn't qualify for the ongoing education... This is good, I'm glad he is so smart but feel he is still not quite there yet. The school will talk to his current speech therapists and ask her opinion and they will officially get back to me. He might still qualify for speech help. We will see. Shane will also have his heart doctor appt before his tonsil removal I hope and we will see what his leaky valve is doing. Shane sweats very easily so that worries me. This time of year is always hard and brings back memories.

Jeremy is a normal happy kid talking a ton! I can't believe how fast he is growing he will be 20 m soon! Shane and Jeremy just love each other and play so well! They truly are best friends and everybody thinks they're twins! :)

Nathan is working overtime daily m-f now. so he is gone 5:50 am- 7:45pm. I continue to hold down the cox household and take care of our precious boys!  I'm still teaching coupon classes on the side it's not a money making venture, but it at least a gives me the time away I think a mothers need sometimes!  We look forward to seeing the cox/little family at thanksgiving! My family, I miss you and wish I could see you all more often! Nathan has some time off before Christmas so I think we will be having a stay cation at our home. :) love you all!!!

Emily and Nathan
Shane and Jeremy

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