Thursday, July 18, 2013

New heart diagnosis

Hello All,

We took our journey to Primary Children's Yesterday for our every 6 month heart check for Shane. I was worried most about how Shane was going to do with a 45 min Echo with some strange man putting a weird device with gel on his chest that long. Luckily they let him sit up next to me for most of it while we distracted him with suckers, apps on my kindle and blowing bubbles. He did so well! He probably had about 3 or 4 suckers but anything to keep him from crying!  I laid with him for the other half of it and he also did well too. Luckily Grandma Cox was watching Jeremy so mom and dad could focus just on Shane and keeping him happy. These appointment can get long! our appt was at 2 and we got out at 4:30!:) After the Echo is done we meet with his heart doctor. She said the echo looked good and the left side of his heart looked a little larger ( she is thinking its due to the muscle that didn't pump his heart well earlier) She wasn't concerned by it and while listening to his heart she heard something she hadn't heard before. So Shane now has a BAV or Bicuspid Aortic valve defect. She also was not very concerned with it and is a very normal thing with babies with a pinched aorta what Shane had.  Overall Shane got a little weary when some doctors came in but stayed his happy self for the most part and snoozed on the way home in car:)  So all is well and we will see his heart doctor in another 6 months untill they feel comfortable doing every year. Now we just got to figure out his reflux stuff. Oh well he will be 19 months tomorrow and he brings such joy in our lives! 

Emily and Nathan