Monday, February 27, 2012

When is Surgery?

We went to see our heart doctor today, and they did the usual echo, ekg and all the normal tests. The Echo

came back good his heart function is still at 58% so that is good. The only issues now are the band that was meant to slow blood pressure through the pulmonary artery is getting tight since Shane is getting so big. They say the typical weight they would like to do surgery at is 15 pounds. Well today Shane weighed in at a whopping 13 lb and an ounce. So our doctor is going to talk with our surgeon and we could be looking at taking the band off and closing the holes in his heart possibly in a month. Whats happening now since the band is tight the blood from the right ventricle is taking the path of least resistance and is now going the opposite way back through the hole in the heart and not up the pulmonary artery. He will still remain on his blood pressure medicine Enalipril which I guess is a catch 22 because since Shane's blood pressure was  a tad high so she wants to keep him on it too keep it low. But keeping it low messes up the Pulmonary band circulation in the heart. Overall though they were way impressed with his growth and I guess are hopefully enough that his heart function can handle the closing of the hole. So I guess I have to just watch out for him turning blue or passing out until surgery! Yikes seriously thats what they said. So on to the next step! Then hopefully after this surgery we can look more into the Non compaction part of his heart (nonpumping aspect) and see if its bad enough for transplant. Well if anyone has questions you can call if any of this  does not make sense!