Thursday, April 25, 2013

Family update

Hello all,
Seems like everyone was doing a little update so I figured I would join the club. First all we on Tuesday went to a funeral for Wyatt a nieces two month old baby on Nathan's side who was found not breathing had a dead colon and intestinal infection but ultimately was taken off life support for brain dead during the time not breathing. This has been a very sad event in the family. Please send prayers of comfort for their family. This niece was adopted by one of Nathan's brothers at the age of 16. Was baptized and sealed to them but later on rebeled ran away when she was18 got married and had a baby. So we are hoping this will help her faith. Jeremy is now a month old and only waking up one to two times a night. I'm still missing my sleep greattly but surviving. Having the two babies hasn't been as hard as I thought which is good and overall Jeremy is a pretty good baby,cries when tired or hungry like a baby should. Shane is 16 m now and is such a cute kid just soaking up everything and trying to do more things on own. He just cracks me up and loves to analyze Jeremy's toes eyes ext. We went to shanes ENT doc and when they scoped him they still saw acid coming up from stomach so we are going to see a GI specialist for that to see why still doing that. They also poked one of his walls in throat while scooping and their was no response. So they are thinking that's why he chokes on food a lot because when food goes down he doesn't feel the food. So we are going to go see feeding therapist for that to help him and see if he aspirates just a tiny bit they will prob do another swallow study too I bet. He also got a chest x Ray when we went too. I'm so ready for all this to be done.oh we are also seeing a PT because his head tilt came back. I know it's not life threatening but I just want to have a normal kid please! I don't think I left any thing out anything Nathan is still loving his job doing health savings accounts this job is actually less stressful. We love fidelity and are veryblessed. We are barely making it with me staying home but some how it works out. We also are blessing Jeremy on May 5 th.