Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ent/ Helmet visit

Today we made our journey once again to Primary’s for our check up with Shane ENT( ears nose throat doctor) we also visited his helmet doctor don’t know what they are called.
                At the ENT they put a scope down his nose to check vocal area / airways and well there had been no improvement in his left paralyzed vocal chord and his larynx was still red and swollen. The doctor is happy that he is not getting   Pneumonia or spitting up so the swollen larynx is kind of puzzling and obviously the acid reflux meds he is on are not working as well, although he needs to continue taking it. The doctor wanted to see more improvement after 7 months of healing from his open heart surgery. So in January will will see a different   surgical specialist that will decided if surgery is needed to repair his vocal  chord.  As I heard it they will connect a nerve from Tongue to vocal chord ?Of course we don’t want this and we will ask all the questions we want if it comes to that point but it’s hard to judge at that point a Year old what his voice/ speech outcome will be with surgery. Not to mention the after affects. We will cross that bridge when it comes and once again this is not life threatening so we can handle it!
                Next we went to go get Shane’s head checked out to see his helmet shaping progress. His head is making improvements but 4 more weeks or more is still needed before the helmet comes off. I’m really fine with that seeing as it does not bother him or me.
                Finally after our adventures in salt lake we ventured to my ob for those who didn’t know we are expecting our 2nd child and we found out IT’S A BOY ! Nathan just grinned and smiled . I’m still in denial that we are having another baby but as I’m starting to show a little, it will  soon hit me.  I’ am  grateful though the lord decided to send another bundle our way and we hope he is healthier than Shane.
            So I guess now we need to pray for  Shane’s throat and vocal chords seeing as the lord has healed his heart well let’s have a throat /voice miracle too.I also attached some very current pictures of shane will helmet on and off.