Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shane speech issues

I had an appointment this morning with Early intervention, a program through school district that helps kids in all different areas before they attend school. I have been concerned about Shane's speech so I got him evaluated today to see if he qualifies. They also evaluate where he is in motor,cognitive ,social /emotional , self help development. In motor/ self help development he is actually above his age ranking in at 21 m. In social/emotional and cognitive he is ranking around a 18 month old so a tiny bit behind since Shane is 19 m but not too bad. They were very pleased at how well off he was considering all he had been through. Speech however was a different story. In receptive language he ranks about a 13m old and in expressive language he ranks around a 7 m old. This was expected. I knew it was coming. Now a speech therapist will come to my house and give me the tools needed to help Shane grow in that area. Just thought you all would like to know. 
Emily and Nathan

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