Monday, January 7, 2013

Another HEART/ENT appointment.

We just had two very important appointments in the last week. On the 2nd we went to see Shane's cardiologist he got his usual echo and EKG done. I don't know why but I was really worried this appointment. I bet it was because almost a year to that day was his first heart surgery. Anyway the doctor said everything looked great and he had normal heart function. They we so amazed at how big he was  and of course how cute he is! So this was all great news!!!

Next we went to see a different ENT this ENT is a vocal surgery specialists that we were referred to because Shane's vocal paralysis was not improving. They did a normal scope to check his vocal chords and noticed still ,that stomach acid is irritating his larynx and throat. They gave us zantac  on top of his normal anti reflux meds and hope it improves. Otherwise we might have to see a GI specialists. As far as his paralyzed vocal chord goes, it healed in a position where shane's voice is loud enough that they will not have to do surgery at this time. He says that Shane's voice is still not in normal vocal range but fine. We are fine with that too!!!!  

Shane's cardiologist also recommended we get a fetal echo done at primary's so we will do that sometime soon. We are almost 28 weeks now still due April 4th and still debating the name Jeremy. We continue to feel blessed daily and hope that it is given to all of you too!