Saturday, November 1, 2014

Power of Positive thinking

   So since today is the first day of November the month we celebrate Thanksgiving which is a holiday dedicated to being Thankful I had these thoughts come through my head about being thankful which is one of the ways of positive thinking. . The United states has claimed this day where most people get the day off work to celebrate with their families and remember what we are thankful for. That alone I think should show most the importance of being thankful or grateful in our lives.
  Through my trials and hardships in my life I try to be thankful and positive. I am part of a group called Intermountain Healing Hearts its a group that helps families with adults or children with Heart defects. This has been a great group to get support and opinions. Every year they have a moms night our or in this case a lunch. Where all the moms of heart children or who have heart defects can meet together mingle and have encouraging words. 

  This last May our speaker and musician was Hilary Weeks. I remember seeing her perform way back ,hen I attended a Especially for youth conference for my church. She has beautiful music but with her beautiful music she had a beautiful message to all us moms that have very hard days with
these children with sever disabilities.   She had heard someone mention that we think about 300 negative thoughts a day. So she wanted to test this out. She got a clicker and everytime she had a negative thought about anything she clicked.... After about seven days of this she noticed a change in her. She was depressed, moody, and overall negative. This counting of negative thoughts were taking over her life. She realized how awful it was to focus on the negative. So she came upon this website. These were people instead of clicking every time they had a negative thought they were clicking when something positive happens or have positive thoughts. Hilary started doing this and she was amazed at how her life started changing because she was focused on the positive! 

This is Hilary Weeks and I. 

  Thinking Positive is something I have tried hard to strive for and it can be in the very simple things and daily tasks we do. Im thankful I got some sleep last night, I'm thankful we have blankets for these chilly nights, I'm thankful for the heat I have because it keeps me warm. Whatever it is we need to try to think positively in all we do. Being negative brings everyone else around you negativity too. Try to surround yourself with positive things. Music, beauty, family, and friends. That will lift you up. I'm not perfect there has been plenty bad days where negativity takes over,but I just try to start fresh the next day. Since its the start of November think of one or two things a day that are positive or that you are grateful and thankful for. Write them down or post them on your Facebook. Get the negativity out of this world one positive click at a time!

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