Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday my miracle boy!

  There were many days as you were fighting for your life I didn't think this day would come. This road has not been an easy one,. Your strength has fought many statistics and proven doctors wrong. Your smile allows me to see heaven and always be reminded of the TRUE miracle you are. When you throw your fits I remember you are strong willed,because thats how you fought for your life. I will always remember your first word because it was such a tasks for you to finally say it. I know this journey is not over with you and as you grow I continue to fight for you. 

 My precious Shane, I will not stop fighting for you because you didn't stop fighting when your mom wanted to continually hold you. Shane your mom loves you and I hope you will understand one day that the lord saved you and gave you life when he didn't have to. He has a plan for you and I hope you full fill every bit of it, whatever it may be! You are such a great big brother and I love seeing your personality develop and Change. You were truly a blessing for us. I love you! Mom

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