Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2nd Sleep study

  November 3rd at 8pm we arrived at Primary Childrens Hospital for our 2nd sleep study. Just a little over a year after the 1st one. Shane did really well while the techs were putting all the equipment on until the canula got put on.

He cried kept saying "I want it off!". Nathan and I tried to calm him down. We sang songs like we always do before bed. He basically cried himself to sleep that night.:( he woke up several times during the night and said he wanted it off again. They wake you up early around 
5:30 am and then you are out of there. 

After two weeks we went to Primary's again for the follow up appt to see the results of the sleep study.

After 2 hours at the appt we got our answers. 
  So based on the sleep study he has mild obstruction apnea like he did before. Good news is before tonsil/adenoids removal Shane was not breathing or a having obstruction breathing about 9 times an hour, now he is only doing this about two times an hour. So we definitely have seen improvements. His sats  drop to around 86 every time this happen. His current diagnosis though more mild than before, we worry especially with his sats dropping we don't want to stress out his heart more than it needs too already. The doctor suggested we do a cpap machine try it out for 4-6 weeks and then do another sleep study with it on to see if it's helping or adjust settings as necessary. We don't like this diagnosis, but our wonderful brave Shane just put on the mask for a fitting with no complaints at all,and the nurse says this is the first she seen with a kid not complaining about it. 

We also might have to adjust their sleeping arrangements since Shane is on top bunk.:) if this mask causes more harm to him not getting sleep needed than we will go from there or use oxygen. This journey of Shanes is hard to take sometimes, but we know these things help Shane have a better life and that's worth everything to us and we have been through so much worse. We will see cardiology and have another sleep study in January/February.


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