Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We trick or treated in my in laws neighborhood,their sub division consists of two streets. We scored some nice candy, even a tooth brush and a few large sized candy bars. 

  The boys were very happy and excited and preety much ran to every house. After about a corner and one side of the street. Shane started complaining that he was tired and wanted to stop. We tried encouraging him what we could and even offered to hold his candy bucket. He started melting down quickly as we were hitting houses, but making our way back to my in laws house. Shane hit a wall yet Jeremy kept going. I guess I should of thought to bring a stroller or wagon,but I figured they could handle two streets.

  I guess this is trick or treating with a heart baby.  We still had lots of fun though Shane would scream "trick or treat!" While Jeremy would yell "surprise!"  When people came to the door. Every day is an adventure with these two! In case you didn't guess we are Mr. And Mrs. Potatoe with our two adoptive kids ( aliens) from Toy story.:) 

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