Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shane day a million update :)

Just wanted to share some good news ! Today our in home health occupational therapist came by to check on Shane's  neck/ head  and his  eating to see the progress from last week. She was very impressed with the improvement of his sitting up ability  his head movement/ leaning too much to one side and the shape of his head has improved she is thinking if that continues the helmet is out of the picture! This is good news because we called the helmet people and our insurance will cover 90% of the helmet if we have been doing head stretches for 3 months when we have only been doing them since surgery. Otherwise it's $2000! So now I won't have to stress about waiting another month to get him evaluated for a helmet if she is noticing a difference in just a week. I also have been taking her advice and pacing Shane when he does eat the tiny bit he can that has also been helping. She gave us good compliments on keeping up with stretches because not all parents do! We were happy and all the hard work is paying off!  Thank you everyone for your continued prayers!

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