Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Heart appointment / Swallow Study

Today we went down to Primary's for our Post operation appointment and a Swallow study. The appointment went well Shane was very well behaved and had a good ekg and sats blood pressure all that fun stuff. We will meet again in 3 months with Dr. Everett for a Echo and check more of his heart function. They are obviously not concerned about his heart if they are doing a appointment in 3 months. So his heart is looking real good! Thats the good part! His swallow study was not so good. They tested him eating 3 different things like the earlier one , Formula with jelly stuff, half gel / Half formula and just pure formula. Well he did not aspirate on the first 2 which was a big improvement from last time but aspirated on normal formula. They want to ease his swallow into progression so we are still stuck with Shane having a feeding tube and giving him only 10 ml of thick formula. They also tried giving him baby cereal and that worked so once we decide to introduce him into cereal we can have at it. They will do another swallow study in 4 weeks. We untill that time will be working with in home speech thearapists and physical thereapists to have Shane progress in feeds as well as correcting his neck. We are greatful that his heart is doing well. We were hoping for his feeding tube out but you can't get everything you want and we are glad he has improved from last time. That is the update for now.

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