Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gasping while sleeping continues

  As many previous posts have stated Shane has had many episodes of gasping  while he sleeps. We have been on reflux meds, we have seen a GI doctor and our continued ENT doctor. Shane has gotten his tonsils and adenoids out and during this procedure his left paralyzed vocal cord was injected to help keep it more closed.

   After Shane's tonsil removal his gasping episodes had stopped,his nasally voice and breathing  had stopped. Shane was able to drink fluids and eat without coughing every time. We were very hopeful that these things were gone that we would be able to check lots off doctors off our list. 

  Then one evening our hopes were dismissed when we heard once again the dreaded gasping noise coming from Shane's room while asleep. We went in there and he was sitting straight up in his bed awake like many of the times before. 
We knew his vocal cord injection lasted only a certain amount of time so we were thinking this was the cause of the sudden gasping episodes again.

  We scheduled an appointment right away with his ENT down at Primary children's hospital. We discussed our concerns with the doctor and he explained that adenoids could grow back so this could be the reason for the gasping, but that the vocal cord injection was not the reason why he would be gasping again. Shane went through the not so fun time of being scoped like so many times before.this never gets easier for mom or Shane. We hold Shane down and he screams the whole time they stick a tube down his nose to look down at his vocal chord and adenoids. The doctor said the adenoids had not grown back so that was a good thing. He also said that his paralyzed vocal cord looked good and had preety much healed where it was going to. his voice volume was well and his food/ fluid coughing episodes had subsided so he wouldn't need surgery on his vocal cord, which was wonderful news.  This however, didn't answer our questions about why he is gasping again? 

  Our doctor referred us to the sleep clinic again to get another sleep study and hopefully get some answers. We basically said goodbye to our ENT since he said not much of a reason to see Shane again unless sleep study doctors wanted him too. So we will call sleep clinic Monday and go from there. 

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