Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Upper GI procedure

Hate watching my baby suffer. Had our upper GI today where they x Ray Shane has he is drinking and watch it as it goes down stomach to intestine.So they lay Shane down and have to hold his arms and legs still as they watch the stuff go down. Since Shane is Shane the stomach wasn't releasing contents to the intestines like they wanted to so after about 20-30 mins of waiting as Shane is screaming we decide to put feeding tube down to intestine so it's faster well it wasn't that fast as the tube had a mind of its own while Shane is still screaming. We finally got the x Ray they wanted after about 5 mins total of radiation! Since the stomach didn't release its contents fast into intestine they are recommending he get his stomach muscles tested because it didn't do what a normal stomach would do. It's so hard to see him suffer and still got no answers to reflux!!!!

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