Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ENT and Helmet fitting

We took our journey once again to Primary's today and met once again with our Ent (ears,nose,throat) doctor to check up on Shane's Paralyzed left vocal chord and swollen larynx. He scoped Shane which he did not like and I don't blame him. He said that his left vocal chord is still not 100 % which shocked me because Shane is a TON louder than the kitten of a sound he used to make after his open heart. So this makes me wonder how loud would he be with all of his vocal chords non paralyzed! lol Our doctor said it may never come back but will keep checking up on him. As far as his reflux he will continue to take that medicine because our doctor still see the need and they will evaluate Shane in 3 months. Our Ent also mentioned once again about Shane's "floopy airway" because shane is a noisy breather, he used the analogy of opening and closing your index finger and middle finger together and Shane's airway only opens as if only his index finger opened and shut. If that makes sense. He says that as long as his sats are always good and dosen't turn blue than he should be fine with that. 

  After the Ent we went to go get Shane's head fitted for a helmet. They put shane on a laser machine to scan his head.We should get the helmet on the 30th of July and he will need to wear it 3 + months.  Its nice that our visits to Primary's are getting farther and farther apart. It will be nice to when its once a year!

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