Wednesday, June 20, 2012

shane scare

After a crazy scary day i have finally emerged from being up till 4am. Shane had a high fever yesterday and was puking his food took him to pediatrician and they said it could be several things his throat was sore  his inner  ears were red and on his x ray showed slight fluid in lungs. So to be safe they wanted us to go get blood work done at Mckay dee. When they got blood work back it was showing signs of an infection. Due to Shanes past of course they wanted to be safe ad we went to primarys.@ Primary's they did more blood work, an iv, x -rays, checked his urine. All came back good no pneumonia  and the blood work actually had fewer signs of infection not to mention his fever went down. So they said they were thinking of keeping us for the night when they got the first blood wk but  Shane with the help of a lords blessing and many prayers came home  as exhausted as his parents, with no fever and less signs of infection. They have Shane's blood cultures to that they will get back today and I will follow up with pediatrician.Thank you everyone for your concerns!!!

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